Tanya Quintieri

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tanya@the-translators.com tanya@wpfortranslators.com

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Training-Educating, Translating, Writing, Transcreation
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English > English
English > German
German > English
German > German
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Food and Drink
Information Technology
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My name is Tanya Quintieri and I am the Lead Translator and Talent Manager at The Translators. I offer COMPLETE LANGUAGE SOLUTIONS to Marketing Agencies and clients in IT, Digitization, and Industry 4.0.

I am driven by the passion for delivering outstanding service, which is the result of my entrepreneurial mindset. Above all, my aim is to build lasting relationships with my clients, helping them to gain momentum in their target markets and ensuring that their operations run smoothly in terms of corporate communications abroad.

To learn more about my services, please visit my website at www.the-translators.com


With a background in Marketing and Corporate Communications, I also run a small web design agency called WP for Translators. You can check it out here: www.wpfortranslators.com


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