Nikki Graham

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Editing, Translating, Writing
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Spanish > English
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Social Sciences
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Proof-Editing & Spanish to English (UK) Translation & Revision Services 

I translate, revise and proof-edit academic papers and articles for publication and conferences for university clients on a wide variety of subjects (mainly humanities and social sciences). Besides general texts, I also offer education, tourism and leisure translations and revisions. All my work is based on the New Oxford Style Manual unless I am asked to use a different style guide. I am a qualified member (MITI) of the Institute of Translation and Interpreting.


-Research Papers
-Academic Articles
-Journal Submissions

-Conference Presentations
-Leisure, Travel & Tourism
-Hotels & Accommodation

Words are my business and I want to make them work for you
I run a blog on translation and related subjects called: My Words for a Change

As my aim is for this blog to be useful to my colleagues, it contains a number of pages with links to help with the translation process, to find resources (especially targeted at new members of our profession) and relevant courses. There are several reviews of translation MAs, books and other programmes, often written by guest bloggers. Besides posts on my thoughts on translation-related topics, it also includes articles on my stand-up desk and treadmill set-up. 

Continuing professional development
MET Meetings
MET workshops
Other CPD
Please see my website
for details of all the recent CPD I have undertaken. I try to attend conferences and workshops whenever possible and also listen to webinars and take courses that I think will improve the quality of my work.

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