Murad Aliyan

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Interpreting, Translating
Language pairs
English > Arabic
English > Hebrew
Areas of expertise
Medicine and Health
Qualifications and experience
Murad Aliyan knows very well the world of cultures since 1991, when he started volunteering as a young volunteer at the Local Ambulance Service in Jerusalem as an EMT, at the same time he studied and developed his interpretation / translation experiences.
Today, He works at Terem – Emergency Medical Clinics, as an EMT/PA and also as a Medical Interpreter for pediatrics departments at Hadassah Hospital. At both places he was exposed to a lot of medical interpretation in clinical and emergency medicine.
Murad received "2013 Victor J. Goldberg IIE prize for Peace in the Middle East".
Lecture at the ITA 2016 Conference about "The Medical Interpreter,  Challenges and Difficulties"

Continuing professional development
MET Meetings

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