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How seriously do you take your work?

It’s not a trick question. If you’re anything like me, you probably answered “very” or “extremely”.

So I assume you’re just as serious about the people you hire. You want to know that you’re dealing with someone you can trust, and who will get you the results you desire.

Three reasons to choose me

Firstly, there’s my experience. For over 15 years I’ve worked successfully as a translator and editor. My clients include academics, clinicians, and major pharmaceutical companies.

Secondly, I’m an active and enthusiastic member of the translation community. I’m a popular presenter at industry conferences and events across the world.

Thirdly, there’s my keen entrepreneurial spirit. I’ve always been interested in business, and clients praise my strong work ethic and all-round professionalism.

Outstanding translator and editor

In short then, I’m someone who stands out from your normal translator and editor. I’m not afraid to renew myself, think outside the box or push boundaries to the limit. Clients tell me I’m a demanding and high performing achiever. I actively seek to move outside my comfort zone, and break down the status quo.

That’s why I spend time, money and energy on CPD in order to better myself for my clients.

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You can arrange your free quote at ✉ jason@jasonwillislee.com. And if you have any questions, please get in touch today.
Continuing professional development
Professional affiliation: I am a fully qualified member of the Institute of Translating and Interpreting (MITI 2013). 
I am also an active member of Mediterranean Editors and Translators (MET 2007), a group of professional linguists with a particular emphasis on continued professional development and providing language solutions in the health sciences. 
I was a speaker at MET's annual conferences in Coimbra (2015) and Venice (2012).
Trainer experience: I recently offered a seminar through eCPD webinars on Blood Tests and Associated Pathology for Medical Translators and Editors (2016). I will host 3 further seminars on Diabetes, Cholesterol and Triglycerides, The ECG and Cancer Made Easy towards in November and December 2016.