Genevieve Shaw

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Professional profile
Editing, Translating, Writing, Professional musician
Language pairs
Catalan > English
Spanish > English
Areas of expertise
Medicine and Health
Social Sciences
Qualifications and experience
I am an English translator and copywriter, providing translation, editing and proofreading services from Spanish and Catalan to English. I am based in Catalonia, where I have lived since 2001.

I provide the following services:
•             Translation SP/CA > EN
•             Proofreading and editing of texts in English
•             Localisation into British English
•             Transcreation
•             Copywriting
Based on my educational background (BA/MA in English Literature and Language, Master's in Marketing Management, TESOL) and professional experience, I specialise in translations related to travel, culture, health, marketing and general texts.
A Giant Challenge: The Metropolitan Magazine, Barcelona
Regions of Catalunya: Alta Anoia: The Metropolitan Magazine, Barcelona
Catalunya's Castellers - Pile 'em high: The Metropolitan Magazine, Barcelona 
My Message in a Bottle - Culture, Travel, Health & Wellness blog 
Continuing professional development
MET workshops

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