David Garcia Ruiz

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Translating, Writing
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English > Spanish
Italian > Spanish
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Law and Patents
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I am from Valdepeñas, Spain. I hold an MA in Translation from Swansea University (UK) and I am a member of the Chartered Institute of Linguists. Born and raised in Spain, I have lived in the UK since 2011 and run my business from Swansea.

I focus primarily on translations from English and Italian into Spanish.


Word-for-word translation is seldom sufficient to translate your brand effectively into another language.

My translation, transcreation and copy-writing services work together to ensure that your content reaches your potential customers as intended.
I also provide SEO copy-writing and AdWords translation. Why? A website that is not findable on search engines won’t reach potential customers; I can make your site visible on Google.es and other local search engines.


I work across a range of industries within the marketing sector including outdoor clothing, sports, tourism, social media and e-commerce.

I only accept projects in our areas of expertise, so that I can be confident of providing marketing materials of the best quality, which will prove effective for your business.

And if you need assistance with your legal documents, I have the specialist knowledge and experience to provide high quality legal translations, including contracts, terms and conditions, articles of association, wills and birth, marriage or death certificates.

​Do you want to know more? Then please visit my website or email at info@trustyourbrand.co.uk
Continuing professional development
MET Meetings
MET workshops
Other CPD
ü  London Language Show, October 2016
ü  Asetrad Annual Meeting, April 2016
ü  Professional Editing for Linguists & Translators by Karin Koonin, April 2016
ü  Asset Management and Investment Funds by Marcel Solé, Proz, 2016
ü  Elia’s Together Event by Elia, February 2016
ü  Transcreator and Copy Editor Training by Skyword, 2016
ü  Financial Translation Workshop by Javier Gil, University of Bristol, 2016
ü  4th Lawyer Linguist virtual event by Suzanne E. Deliscar, Proz, 2015
ü  SEO and Website Translation by Nigel T Packer, Swansea, 2015
ü  3th Lawyer Linguist virtual event by Suzanne E. Deliscar, Proz, 2014

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