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I am a Freelance translator specializing in international development (international organizations, EU, government, etc) and business communication (marketing). I'm originally from LA, California but am currently based in Paris, France. I also provide interpreting and content writing services.

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In Light of Hilberseimer by Plácido González Martínez. SP>EN translation published by Vibok Works in September 2015.
Piano Solos for a Sad Poem by Jesús        Acebado and Pedro Alcor. SP>EN translation published by Skat Editores in November 2014.
Missbehave by Simona Rota and Agustín Fernández Mallo. SP>EN translation published by Vibok Works in July 2013.
Llegendes de Girona by Quim Hereu. CAT>EN translation of Catalan legends and poems published at the end of the book by Rigau Editors in April 2008.
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MET Meetings
MET workshops
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METM13, 14, 16 and 17

June 2014 Multilingualism in the EU, Strength or Weakness? Organized by Institut Jacques Delors, Paris France.

September 2013 PICT Conference on Promoting Intercultural Competence in Translators, Paris France


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