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I provide English editing and proofreading services of nonfiction documents to creative people who communicate their ideas in writing.
A geophysicist by training, I left academia in 2011, after earning a PhD in earth sciences, and started my own business less than a year later. I’ve been working as an independent editor ever since. My specialties are scientific publications, business communications, and digital content.
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2007–2011: Scholarly publications
  • R.C. Neagu. 2011. The relationship between the physical properties of marine sediments and biogenic silica diagenesis studied using seismic and well-log data. PhD Thesis, Cardiff University, UK.
  • R.C. Neagu, J. Cartwright, R. Davies, and L. Jensen. 2010. Fossilisation of a silica diagenesis reaction front on the mid-Norwegian margin. Marine and Petroleum Geology 27, 2141–2155.
  • R.C. Neagu, J. Cartwright, and R. Davies. 2010. Measurement of diagenetic compaction strain from quantitative analysis of fault plane dip. Journal of Structural Geology 32, 641–655.
  • M. Rebesco, R.C. Neagu, A. Cuppari, F. Muto, D. Accettella, R. Dominici, A. Cova, C. Romano, A. Caburlotto, 2009. Morphobathymetric analysis and evidence of submarine mass movements in the western Gulf of Taranto (Calabria margin, Ionian Sea). International Journal of Earth Sciences, 28 (4): 791–805.
  • R.C. Neagu, U. Tinivella, V. Volpi, M. Rebesco, A. Camerlenghi. 2009. Estimation of biogenic silica content in marine sediments using seismic and log data. Sediment drift 7-Antarctica. International Journal of Earth Sciences, 28 (4): 839–848.
  • M. Rebesco, A. Camerlenghi, V. Volpi, C. Neagu, D. Accettella, B. Lindberg, A. Cova, F. Zgur and The MAGICO Party. 2007. Interaction of processes and importance of contourites: insights from the detailed morphology of sediment Drift 7, Antarctica. In Viana, A. R. and Rebesco, M. (eds.) Economic and Palaeoceanographic Significance of Contourite Deposits, Geological Society, London, Special Publications, 276: 95–110

- Writing for Young Readers: Opening the Treasure Chest – Commonwealth Education Trust (via Coursera)

- Proofreading (4-week online course), Editorial Freelancers Association
- Copyediting: Intermediate (6-week online course, Editorial Freelancers Association
- Copyediting: Beginning (6-week online course), Editorial Freelancers Association
- Think101x: The Science of Everyday Thinking (12-week course via EdX), The University of Queensland

- Introduction to Marketing (5-week online course via Coursera), University of Pennsylvania
- Writing for the Web (4-week online course via Open2Study), Open Universities Australia
- High-Impact Business Writing (1-day online course via Coursera), University of California, Irvine

- Successful Negotiation: Essential Strategies and Skills (5-week online course via Coursera),
  University of Michigan

- Writing in the Sciences (8-week online course), Stanford University. Received Statement of
  Accomplishment with Distinction