Ana Sofia Correia

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Professional profile
Editing, Translating, Transcription
Language pairs
English > Portuguese
Areas of expertise
General science
Information Technology
Medicine and Health
Natural Sciences
Social Sciences
Veterinary Science
Qualifications and experience
Working since 2007 with several clients - both translation agencies and direct clients (companies and private individuals) - in different areas, I provide my clients flexibility regarding deadlines and costs, as well as a direct approach to each project and each client's specific needs. My mission is to deliver an excellent service, working closely with my clients in order to guarantee that the final product meets every requirement.

What I offer:
Use of the latest technologies;
Custom service;
Highly cost-effective solution;
Direct and effective response
Reliability and accuracy

Translation of general texts and from several fields of expertise, based on and extensive linguistic and technical knowledge and using the most recent technology, including terminology management tools and translation memories, in order to guarantee accurate and consistent translations.

Localization of software and websites aiming at the technical, linguistic and cultural adaptation of their contents, for example, online help/guides, User Interface (menus, pop-ups, screenshots, etc.), applications and firmware for mobile devices, allowing the globalization of companies and products and their adaptation to the specific characteristics of the target market.

Text review (proofreading) and editing, implementing a thorough quality control regarding terminology, coherence and also text formatting, grammar and spelling, focused on the criteria of accuracy and compliance, tailored to the target audience. This service can also include tasks like text update based on previous versions and, in some cases, post-editing of machine translation (suggestions automatically generated by a computer).

Transcription of audio and video materials, submitting the final document to an essential verification process. This service includes tasks such as legal transcription, transcription of interviews/meetings, transcriptions in the marketing and business fields and academic transcriptions.
It is possible to request the document translation after the transcription.

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